Gone Fishin

I do it a few times a year and I suck.. Barely ever catch anything.. But I like being outdoors and on the water.


As I was cruising around the lake I spotted some holiday cabins. Reminded me of some business my buddy’s father did when he was young.

He put out ads saying he wanted to buy cabins with lake view. When he found a good one he bought it, did some minor remodelling then sold it. As he sold it he always offered seller financing so potential buyers could buy the place without putting in any cash up front. The genius in it is that customers willingness to buy when no down payment is needed makes for higher prices. So much higher that he always got his money back from the new owners bank loan. That made the top of the loan that he gave his customers safe since he already had his money back. When he sold one cabin he bought another one and did the same thing. After 10 cabins he had a really nice cash flow of interest and mortgages being paid off leaving him with some seriously good profits. Clever man!