My family (on my father’s side) has been farming for generations. And so are we :) My parents have a big farm on which I grew up. That means you start helping out the day after you take your first steps. It’s been a good school giving lots of general knowledge about how stuff works, mechanical sympathy and stress resistance. It also makes you humble knowing the massive amount of work farmers do to provide us with food and other products needed for the society to flourish.

As of a few days age one of my favourite farming seasons is on. The harvest. I have had a lot on my plate lately so hadn’t really had time hang around the farm to help out. Until this afternoon.



One of very very few manual labours I actually enjoy. Taking the harvested grains from the field to the mill where it becomes wheat, later transformed into bread. Think about that next time you dig into a sandwich. I might have been involved in the making of it. Even playing a key role in the making of it. Så det så!