House price statistics

I found this list of house price statistics from Knight Frank.

The following countries had the biggest appreciation last year’s. Sweden at third. I’m afraid that means it is going to be harder to buy a good value property as long as the pace is kept. Good to own and excellent to sell in. If you still want to buy, do your best to get hold of something outside of the market! Avoid doing what everybody else is doing!


Turkey 18,4 %
New Zealand 14,2 %
Sweden 12,3 %
Australia 10,7 %
Luxembourg 9,2 %
Iceland 9 %
Estonia 8 %
Colombia 7,3 %
Hongkong 7,1 %
Mexico 6,7 %

New Zealand and Australia have had a good growth too. And Colombia? And Luxembourg? Odd list, but I’m glad. My houses at home are probably pretty average. If I had a 12,3 % growth last year I made an additional 600 000 SEK or 75 000 USD in appreciation. Not bad :)

Some loosers: (and probably the best markets to buy in to!)

Ukraine -12 %
Greece -5,4 %
Taiwan -4,1 %
Cyprus -3,8 %
Singapore -3,6 %
Italy -2,3 %
Polen -1,5 %
Marocko -1,1 %
Japan -0,5 %
Ryssland -0,4 %

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house price statistics