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Florida, France, and Spain are the best real estate markets, summer/ autumn 2015 says Lars Dyrendahl


Scandinavia, Germany and United Kingdom are all very expensive compared to cashflow and potential appreciation. Greece, bigger parts of eastern Europe is good but comes with big risks. Asia has some interesting markets, especially Japan. Getting into the market is a bit harder for foreigners though. In the United States, Colorado and Florida are good solid bets. South America has some interesting markets, but will get even better over time.

Theese investment opportunities are a result of the Lars Dyrendahls evaluation of the best real estate markets where you are also offered the most amount of life quality. The objects range from small cabins to duplexes, etc. Miner investments that can bring a good steady cash flow before being sold with a good profit.

Adding it all up, Florida comes out on top, just ahead of Spain (and Portugal). The reason Florida is more attractive is its comparably easy bureaucracy. Buying a house in most parts of The United States is pretty easy compared to making a deal in Europe, Asia or South America.

As for New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Canada they are a bit tougher on foreigners, have more stable markets and do therefore not offer such great opportunities.

If you find the quality of life in the mountains and want a cabin, Colorado offers the best deals by far. Prices in Scandinavia and in the Alps are very high which makes for very poor cash flow.

Lars Dyrendahl has his eyes set on Florida for the Autumn. If a good potential deal shows up in Sweden, France, Spain or Portugal he will likely invest there as well during the summer of 2015.



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