How about this?!?

As I was driving south from Nantes (in France) to Royan where I’m at now I listened to a podcast with the Swedish tv-guru Ingvar Oldsberg. Very very cool and charismatic guy! He said a few things I liked. For example. When he was asked what he thinks of parking tickets, he said he likes them. That means I have a car, and that’s good. He also mentioned a British philosopher saying: “we all take life too seriously. I have never seen anyone coming out of it alive”..

In his program the very knowing and clever Ingvar came to talk about American presidents. More specifically John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. He has found some similarities between the two that fascinated me for some reason. Don’t know why I find it entertaining but Anyways, here it is:

Abraham Lincoln was voted into the congress 1846. John F. Kennedy 1946.

Abraham Lincoln was elected for president 1860. John F. Kennedy 1960.

Both names contain 7 letters.

Both president’s wives lost their children while living in the White house.

Both presidents were shot on a Friday. Both were shot in the head.

Lincolns secretary was named Kennedy. Kennedys secretary was named Lincoln.

Both were shot by southeners. Both were succeeded by southerners.

Both successors were named Johnson. Andrew Johnson who succeeded Lincoln was born 1808. Lyndon B. Johnson was born 1908.

Lincolns killer John Wilkes Booth was born 1839. Kennedy’s killer Lee Harvey Oswald was born 1939. Both killers are known by all their three names. Both killer names contains 15 letters.

Lincoln was shot in a theater named Kennedy. Kennedy was shot in a car of the brand Lincoln.

Lincoln’s killer ran from a theatre and was arrested in a storage. Kennedy’s killer ran from a storage and was arrested in a theatre. Both murderers were murdered before the trials.

And le grande finale!?!?

Abraham Lincoln was in MONROE, MARYLAND 1 week before he was killed.

John F. Kennedy was “in” MARILYN MONROE 1 week before he was killed.

And that’s it. Spectacular coincidents!

Enough. I need to run. I’m catching a ferry to a pretty remote place full of sand dunes and forests where I want to go for a ride with my trail bike.