The story of my favourite “Off the Grid” Cabin

I was involved in the build of what I consider to be one of the coolest off the grid cabins out there.

I used to own a pretty neat house out in the Swedish countryside, just 10 minutes west of a city called Falkenberg. It was a foreclosure that I picked up real cheap and lived in for a year while restoring it. As I was there I befriended a neighbor who I started playing golf with. He has another friend that joined us once.

This friend of my neighbor was an old businessman that I instantly connected with. We had so much to talk about that we ended up playing golf almost every day all summer. During one of our rounds, my new friend got a phone call that devastated him a bit. His friends that had borrowed his cabin in the woods managed to set it on fire and the cabin had gone up in flames real quick.

It took my friend a little while to get over, but good news started to poor in. His insurance company was generous and gave him a pretty big sum of money to rebuild his cabin. As he knew I was in real estate he decided to ask about my opinion. I told him I had some good contacts who could probably rebuild his cabin cheaper that more competition and he said, if so, get me a quote.

After figuring out what he wanted, I went to see my friend who has three cabin factories and scouted his storage for left over parts. I found a lot. I got really cheap doors, windows and building materials that I used when I designed his cabin on a napkin. My friends people put it all together in a more professional matter and the owner gave me his final price. I then added some $5 000 for my work and presented the quote to my new golfing buddy. Turns out I was just under half price compared to the other quote he had and boom, done deal.

He got his cabin built and delivered and it is beautiful. Then he went on to make it even better by installing solar panels, a wind turbine, digging a well, creating a self sustaining sewer and installing a gas stove. The result is a completely self sufficient cabin that is completely off the grid and I think that is really cool!

Below are some photos and a video of the property. Have a look and let me know what you think about this little off the grid paradise? Oh! If you are thinking about building something, make sure to let me know. I might be able to save you a lot of money! SEND AN E-MAIL

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