The perfect day.

One of many that is, but yesterday was really good. I got up at 8 a.m. as usual. Had a bowl of fruit and a cup of coffee while banging out some work on my computer. Continued to a meeting with customers who wants to build a new house on their property by the beach, then a quick walk before my lunch that consisted of salad, newly baked bread and herring. I love herring..

The afternoon began with some calculations on a property that I have been offered to buy. I also set up a meeting with my banker for later this week. After an hour of work I felt like getting out again as the weather got pretty nice so packed a bag and walked 12 kilometers to the gym where I had a great session with a good friend of mine. After finishing I started walking back home, went for a swim before finishing the day with a super nice barbeque together with my family.

I don’t think it takes anything out of the ordinary to have those super nice days. It’s all about harmony. Doing what makes you feel good with people you like in environments that you enjoy. Simple.

ps. I also have a carpenter who is out on different jobs I set up for him, which brings me some income and a super good day here at the blog where you guys went shopping for my latest chapter. Thanks for that! I’m guessing seeing money coming in even when I was out walking makes days like yesterday even better :)



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