I’m constantly dealing with people who have land, lot’s and houses for sale. When evaluating the potential of theese deals I need to know what can be done on any given property. How much of the land can be built? What kind of buildings and businesses are allowed? Are there any restrictions I should be aware of?

To get hold of all information I visit the local municipal office’s development department and ask them. All very simple. I walk in there, say hello, tell them that I have this lot on this adress, what can I build and do there?

This usually gives me all information I need to proceed. 

So, to the challenge. Pick a property or lot that is for sale and find out what you can do on it. Go to the municipally office and extract the information. It’s easier than you think and you don’t need to do anything with it. Just do this to learn how it works and find out how easy it is. 

Let me know how it went. 



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  1. Erik

    Var på kommunen i Mellerud idag och frågade på tomt där det är sommarstuga idag. Vi tittade på detaljplanen och så. Fick reda på det man behöver. Ska fråga på fler.

  2. Josh

    Did it today!

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