Like me, but the opposite..

I got bills, I got to pay.. But not. Rather the opposite. I got bills, I have to make!

A part of my business is helping people getting stuff done. I have my carpenters that I send around to different jobs, I hire excavators for construction works and I manage different projects. The jobs are getting easier and easier as I have better contacts, have gotten better at delegating and have more experience.

After you have finished a job you need to send an invoice. Used to be very simple, but not anymore. After profits from my real estate deals there is now plenty of money on my bank account. As there is plenty of money in my bank account I keep paying all salaries and materials for the different jobs without breaking a sweat. As I don’t really notice being out of pocket with the money I never feel the need to get those money back. That makes it a lot harder to take the time to sit down and take care of the paperwork.. It’s not good. Unprofessional and a risky habit as there will be times when I can’t afford that kind of behaviour..

I’m flying to Florida tomorrow. Giving what I wrote about in this blog post, guess what I’m doing today? Three months of avoiding billing make for a pretty boring Sunday…



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