Land use. See past others issues:

Land use is a big thing. Be creative and make millions!

This guy here in central Florida made a really inspiring deal. A big piece of land was up for sale on a really good location. It was about an acre big on a well thought after address. All the land around it had been developed with upper class neighbourhoods and the margins for building something new here would be great!

But there was a problem. The land had been used as a dump. Back in the day they called it landfill. What it means is that they just dug out a big hole and filled it with garbage. As a result, there were major settlement issues and heavy regulations against it so now people will probably ever live on this piece of land.

Since you weren’t allowed to build anything on the property price dropped significantly. Farmers couldn’t use it either because of the surrounding neighbourhoods and contaminated dirt, so price dropped even more.

This is where “this guy” entered the picture with his simple but genius plan. He bought the land for close to nothing, fenced it all in and created a nice storage for boats and rv’s. Because of its amazing location with lot’s wealthy people around he hasn’t had a vacant spot in years. Inspiring guy and inspiring deal, isn’t it? Good land use!

land use

Have a look at some land yourself and see if you find something inspiring? I wrote about good american sites for searching real estate.