Too lazy.

Not good! I both want and need to perform better. I’m growing as a person, as a business and finance, but it’s not enough to make me satisfied. I suppose that even though I’m making progress, it’s not at the pace I demand of myself. It’s not greed or about the money, but rather about the person I want to be. My ideal self. I feel like I need to step it up a bit to get ahead.

I need to find more energy too. For some reason I never seem to have the time I want and need to do all the stuff I wish to do. I can barely make time for golf, but still find myself being very unproductive. Hmm. Writing this might be good for me. Reading what I just read points at me being too efficient in my work. That’s why it consumes so much time without yielding the results I want. Need to think about how I can work more efficiently. By the way? Do you find yourself efficient? Are you performing what can be demanded of yourself? Are you getting the results you want?




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