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Look around, ask around.

As you buy a new house there is a lot to look out for. One of all those thing is the surroundings and where the actual building is placed in relation to water, roads, parking etc. There are a village 5 kilometers from where I grew up where they built about 25 houses along a […]

real estat’in

Buying properties and renting them out is pretty magical as it’s easy and can make you a lot of money without requiring much effort. Personally, I can’t believe more people are doing it. And I can’t believe I’m not doing it even more! You could buy a small condo in the alps and make money […]

Strictly regulated rental market

From Global Property Guide: Sweden’s rental market is strongly pro-tenant. The system is enormously counter-productive. Eight per cent of the Swedish population is queueing for a new apartment, with an average waiting time of 10 years. Rents: Rents are set far below reasonable returns-on-investment. Rents are little influenced by location, so that metropolitan units are […]

slow updates

Sorry for slow blogging. Southern Europe is a few years behind when it comes to connectivity.. Travels are great and I’m super impressed by Italy. Might even move here. Today we spent some time along the french riviera before tomorrows F1 race in Monaco. Pictures from along the way:

vad säger Akelius då?

… Jo, han säger: “Ta bort tusen regler” Roger Akelius har startat Sveriges största privata fastighetsbolag med över 37 000 hyresrätter och ett marknadsvärde på ca. 31 miljarder. Han äger fastigheter i Sverige, Tyskland, England och Kanada. Akelius invest är registrerat på Cypern då det är skattefritt med ränte vinster från Sverige på Cypern. De […]