Milan to Copenhagen

With yet another airline. First time ever flying EasyJet and I’m impressed. It was all really nice and well sorted. I’d probably place them somewhere between Ryanair and Norwegian. The most significant difference is supposedly the legroom. Much more space on EasyJet. Then another thing. They had great food on board and it was cheap!!! For some reason all airlines usually charge something like a million dollars for a bottle of water. That’s stupid. EasyJet lets you get both full and drunk for less money than you would spend getting in the same condition on McDonalds in Burma. Good job EasyJet.


Still. All that is in some ways irrelevant. The single most important thing when travelling and when it comes to evaluating airlines is “The Cattle Factor”. No airline in the world makes you feel more like cattle than Ryanair, herding you around and what not. You want to feel like an elite person when travelling. Feel important. Some airlines make you feel just that. (Norwegian for example). Sometimes it’s worth a bit more money, sometimes not.


Ryanair is the worst, but the cheapest. That makes them winners!
EasyJet is in the middle, but middle priced. That makes them winners too!
Norwegian is the best, but usually the most expensive. Still winners! (and probably the best value).