Ostindiefararen Götheborg

The boat in the images below is a replica of one the Swedish East India Company’s old ship Götheborg. It’s only ten years old, but built as a complete full size replica made from the same materials and with the same kind of tools used in the 1700’s. They also used some old trees from the village my parents have their farm in to do the schackels. Pretty cool?

Anyways. I took the photos as we were leaving Nidingen on a Rib Boat the other day. The ship was sitting a few kilometers out to sea and our curiosity sort of made it impossible to go straight to shore without having a look at it first. A good day that one.

Ps. I was really impressed by the size of this ship. But.. I just realized it’s only a third of the size of Roman Abramovitj’s yacht Eclipse..



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