Popular amenities by State

I don’t know why I find stuff like this interesting, but I do. This is a list of popular amenities by American states. I haven’t found any similar information about Sweden yet, but anyways, here we go. The most popular amenities by State:

Alabama = screened decks
Alaska = southern exposure
Arizona = RV-gates
Arkansas, eh. I just realized I’m too lazy to share all the information. I’ll add a photo to this post, then continue with the states that interests me below :)

popular amenities

Florida wants hurricane shutters and Georgia private backyards. In Indiana they want a mini barn while Californians prefer freeway access. Another nice one is Missouri, where buyers prefer it if they get a “deer room”.

Nevada. Any guess? Casino. In Texas, very specific. A game room upstairs. And in Vermont, a “mudroom”?? Finally, Virginia. Nice, simple and logical. They want a new heat pump.

The full list can be found HERE. I know these things seem far away for some, but whatever you can do to be more appealing for more people will help greatly when selling or renting. Knowing about popular amenities where you live and work is a simple but good way to achieve better results.

Happy Monday!