Lost it. Bummer!

Lost the bidding on the house I wanted to get. Sucks a little bit as we were very close to get the deal done at a pretty good price yesterday. I guess I could have put in a slightly higher price and still make good profits, but I don’t like breaking my initial budget to avoid being carried away in the heat of it all.

That does not mean I’m very cheap, my budget was right up there and I also know that you pretty much always have to pay a little bit too much for whatever you want, but this property was not meant for me to do business with. New ones coming my way shortly I hope.


To keep momentum I’m going to have a look around and put some new offers in on other properties next week. I’m also working on setting up a business with my polish carpenter. We have started to export some high quality wood from Sweden to Poland. The Polish economy has been very strong for a few years and there are a lot of people who wants top quality stuff at any cost. Our weak Swedish krona makes for pretty good margins when exporting. Since I’m struggling on the real Swedish real estate market right now, expanding this business could be a good source of cash flow.



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