Productive vs. Unproductive

I’m in Stockholm showing a friend around. While doing so we walked past the Swedish parliment. I told her that this is a house where nothing happens. (Because we have an awfully incompetent government..)


Onethousandtwentysix steps down the road there things do happen. Kinnevik has their office on Skeppsbron in Stockholm. Kinnevik is a result of a family’s hard work and entrepreneurship. The family is Stenbeck and the best in the breed was Jan. Jan Stenbeck crushed Swedish monopolies and changed his environments in ways no one would ever believe. One of the greatest entrepreneurs ever in my opinion.


Theess two extremes got me thinking. America has an election coming up. One of the candidates is Donald Trump. Unarguably a pretty successful entrepreneur. So what would happen if an entrepreneur tries to run a country? Will he get things done or go crazy arguing every little thing over and over again until nothing happens?

entrepreneur and a politician are very different. I love and relate well to entrepreneurs. Politicians. Not so much…



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