real estat’in

Buying properties and renting them out is pretty magical as it’s easy and can make you a lot of money without requiring much effort. Personally, I can’t believe more people are doing it.

And I can’t believe I’m not doing it even more! You could buy a small condo in the alps and make money from owning it, you can buy a house in southern Spain and make money on it, you can buy a “badstuga” on Skrea strand and make money on it. It’s ridiculously easy.

Then there is the best part. After making money on renting it out, you can sell it again and 9 times out of 10 you will do a profit. All it takes is not beeing an idiot when choosing what you buy.

As you know, I’m selling a house right now. When it’s done, I’ll write a document with all information about how I made good money while owning it for two years before selling it with an increased value of more than 35%!

For those of you who wants some inspiration right now there is a cool article about a couple in London. Two teachers who started buying properties, renting them out, buying more, renting it all out, and more. And more.. And today. They own more than 900 units!!! Read the article HERE!