The railway real estate story

Not sure if I remember this 100% right, but I’ll give you what I remember about my friends friends railway real estate deal.

Imagine Florida some 40 years ago. Or was it Pensylvania? Anywhoo.. There was an old industrial railway that ran through a mid-size town that wasn’t really blooming to say the least.

railway real estate

As the industries had been replaced by homes the railway that had also been shipped off was no longer much used and came up for sale. No interest was shown for a long time and the initial low price was dropped. This is where this friend of a friend stepped in.

He bought the railway and the land it was on. Sold all the scrap metal from the rails and got his money back. He now owned prime land all along the city and he got it for free. How brilliant is that?

It took another 10 years or so from the town to get it’s pace back up and once it did, he made a fortune selling and developing his free land ending up a wealthy man.

I have loved this story since the first time I heard it. Mostly because I know it’s true and it provides a great message. There is money everywhere! And even better, there is FREE money everywhere. There really is! The story above might sound too good to be true, but have faith! This was the deal of his lifetime. Go through life keeping your ears and eyes open, I bet there will be similar chances for you.




And that’s it. The railway real estate story. Click this link for another SUCCESS STORY

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