Real estate developments

Some real estate developments are funny. Places like the one in the image used to be complete desert a few years ago. Now they are hot enough to build several 5 story buildings on. Isn’t that fascinating?

The thing is this though. The places where they build isn’t always very logical or good. It usually has more to do with a persistent and hard working land owner, a municipality or county office’s decisions and the ratio between supply and demand in housing.

For a real estate development to take place there needs to be a plan that allows the buildings you want to put up. Those plans are made by the municipality after a landowner has ordered them. If the municipality finds the land appropriate to build on, which they usually do if there is a persistent enough land owner to bug them for years, they make a plan. That plan is valuable. It transforms rural land into lot’s. Once the plan is in place, you need enough demand for housing to get the sale prices you need.

real estate developments