“Best of” vids, years as a real estate investor

I started my career as a real estate investor earlier, but..

I have only done these “best of” videos for the last three years. I don’t know why I keep doing my real estate investor videos. Not that many views, not that many comments, but still super fun. I have tried not writing here, not doing videos, etc. But it’s weird not to. Beeing here makes me feel like I have a bit more purpose. I like that. Did you know that I have had this homepage up and running for more than 7 years by now? So.. which of these videos do you like the most? Well, Lars.. I kind of like the first one. and the second one is ok. The third one is growing on me :)

It is funny how it works. I consider myself a real estate investor who is now starting to tap into the development section of the business. This whole blogging thing is something I have done to help motivate myself. By painting a picture of myself where I am the successful superstar investor that I want to be, I tend to move more in that direction.

I remember sitting in the car with my buddy Toby. By sitting in his car I mean driving around in the awesome hills outside Palm Springs in his Masserati. Good friend :) Anyways.. We came to the conclusion that perception is reality. By creating the self you want to be, focus and dream about it, you will most likely get it. The blog is my tool for creating my perception that will sooner be reality.

Today, I have toned it down a lot as I have reached a point where I feel more confident, but come the day I’m about to take a plunge, make a record big investment, development or what not, know that I will use this forum to boost my self confidence and to help paint the picture as a successful developer or whatever it might be.

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