Build houses on the hills! It’s better.

If you build houses on a hill you get a better view, more light and better everything.

In southern Europe you get whole towns that are built up on the top of the hills. Cute Italian villages that are just the nicest thing in the world.

In California you get mansions with infinity pools, creating the coolest living spaces ever.

In Sweden, you barely get any of that. Yet. I think it’s coming thou. Here is my theory:

The climate in Sweden has been super tough on people for several hundred years. In order to protect ourselves from tough weather we built our houses deep in the woods, down in the valleys and away from winds, etc. This also meant that living by the beach was for the poor up to about 30 years ago. Pretty crazy considering that living by the beach is as nice as it gets today.

The reason people started moving out to the sea was that we learnt to build houses that protected us from the weather. That made it possible to enjoy the views. And here is the thing. These same houses will make it just as nice to live on top of the hills. It might not be quite as nice as living by the beach, but still pretty d*mn good.

I also love the idea of taking care of our agricultural land as I’m guessing that it might be very valuable to be able to produce our own food in Sweden over time.

So. Build houses on the hills! :)

Pictures below are from California and some of the views you can get if you just build a little bit up:

build houses