Selling a house of mine.

I have decided to concentrate my real estate to two villages I know 100%. As I spend more and more time abroad it’s the most logical solution giving the simplicity of caretaking.

The house I’m going to sell is being fixed up a bit at the moment. I have two superb polish carpenters sorting out most of the big visual stuff that could possibly interfere with the impression potential customers get when walking around the place.


The location of this property is very special. Far out in the middle of the fields with spectacular views. There is only a small road going past and some 500 meters to the closest neighbour. Pretty hard to find.

And the polish builders. They rock! Swedish workers are way overpaid and lazy. Being able to hire a polish company is a true beauty of the EU. They have so much better work ethics and costs less than a third of a Swedish carpenter. I have built my huge cash flow of lower costs in the different investments that has had to be done. Go EU!