Strictly regulated rental market

From Global Property Guide:

Sweden’s rental market is strongly pro-tenant. The system is enormously counter-productive. Eight per cent of the Swedish population is queueing for a new apartment, with an average waiting time of 10 years.

Rents: Rents are set far below reasonable returns-on-investment. Rents are little influenced by location, so that metropolitan units are especially under priced. The system is enforced by Rent Tribunals.

Tenant Security: Tenants have a right to prolong their contract, essentially for ever. The rule is totally asymmetric; a tenant may at all times give 3 month’s notice, even if the contract is fixed for a given period, to terminate the agreement.

In September 2006 the Alliance for Sweden, a centre-right coalition headed by Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt, unseated the Social Democrat Party of Goran Persson. Since then, the housing system has been high on the agenda. An ongoing state review of the system argues for the removal of the current rental ceiling, so that private housing companies and individuals could set market rents.


What do I think of this?

I totally agree! The Swedish rental market is ridiculously pro tenant and over regulated. There is still good possibilities to make money today and our current government has made some pretty drastic changes making it much more sane. It’s getting better quick and will keep doing so as the new laws start working their magic.

Sadly there is another election coming where we might see Socialdemokraterna on top again. They are a big bunch of ******. They ruin Sweden and makes the country a pretty shitty place. However. I don’t really care. For the best of Sweden, our right wing government for sure. For me. Anything works. I always make money :)

Socialdemokraterna tends to over regulate everything (they always have). This opens lot’s of loopholes. Learn to use these loopholes to your advantage and your fine. Often even better off.

Must still admit that it hurts to see my country suffer though. Most people are naive and lazy making them still believe in a system of high taxes, tons of regulations BUT also TOOOONNNNSSS of allowance. Sad.