Speaking of VLOGS – Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is pure motivation for me!

It took a while to fall completely in love with Casey Neistat and his videos but after a few episodes I was completely hooked. His super entertaining videos and a little push from my girlfriend (the best girlfriend in the world) was what got me started on my video blogs. And I love making my video blogs. I just want to make them better and more real estate related. I’ll get there. Give me a little bit more time to practice, then I’ll have them dialled in a bit better.

Below is one of many great episodes Casey posted. Look at how well he does it, all on his one. I love when the part where they ride their Boosted Boards at 5:35. He is flying his Drone while riding too! It’s crazy good!

Also. I am trying to make mine more like his but change his life with my stuff. Real Estate and business. What I find hard at times is trying to make something serious without losing the fun. Tips and ideas on what I could do would help! I know I’ll get it, I just want it to be perfect right away :)