My grandfathers entrepreneurship

Yes, this is about my grandfathers entrepreneurship!

And his trade? Flowers! He peaked while selling carnations that he grew in most of his many greenhouses before moving on to grow and distribute roses. He passed in his late 80’s with one of the best nicknames in Sweden. “The Rose King” :)

grandfathers entrepreneurship



I know there are neither carnations or roses in the pictures above, just some other flowers I found on my walk the other day.. Sorry!

So what did I learn from grandfathers entrepreneurship? He passed away before I was mature enough to understand all the lessons he could have taught me. But I do know he inspired me. He was the first to tell me that “You are going to be a fine businessman my boy” before I could walk.

Anywhoo. He did really well at times. He owned big gardens and greenhouses in Sweden and France. He lived a comfortable life and socialised with a lot of interesting people. He traveled the world and installed one of Swedens first private swimming pools (more…)

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