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Why traveling is good for you?

By seeing more, you know more. Traveling is a way of gathering knowledge, getting bigger perspectives and opening your brain up for other ways of thinking. It almost always ends up making people more humble too. I have loved traveling since I was a little kid and it honestly doesn’t matter if my trip is […]

More old Tampa photos

I know I have kept publishing a ton of photos from Tampa even though I’m not there anymore. It just feels so much better. For some reason, having photos of Skyscrapers on my blog makes me feel nice. Because of that, here come another few: And that’s about if, for now.. I know it’s super […]

My Budapest review

A Budapest review because I spent the last few days in Hungary. As I was a bit too lazy to bring my computer and big camera, I only updated my Instagram during the trip. My account is HERE. And speaking of accounts. I have one on YOUTUEBE as well. I want subscribers there too. If […]

Sunshine :)

I just spent an hour writing a pretty serious blog post that I was going to publish today. Then I started thinking about how happy I am to be back in the sun, so I went out and took a few photos. These photos have nothing to do with the post I just wrote so […]