Tampa Riverwalk is beautiful!

I know I keep posting stuff and photos from Tampa, but the Tampa Riverwalk in downtown makes me feel nice. Not as nice as the Swedish nature, but still very nice. I guess it’s two different kinds of noise. In the nature, you get them to shut off and think. In downtown Tampa you get inspired. Nice cars, beautiful buildings and stuff going on all around you. I kind of like that. They have done a great job of cleaning the city up as they are working on making it more attractive again. Good job Tampa! You are doing well so far.

tampa riverwalk

tampa riverwalk1

tampa riverwalk2

tampa riverwalk3

tampa riverwalk4

tampa riverwalk5

tampa riverwalk6

tampa riverwalk7

I just got back from Budapest in Hungare. Another really cool city along a river :) If you wish to see some photos from the trip, have a look at my INSTAGRAM