A few Swedish Castles

There are tons of Swedish Castles and I really like visiting them. Below are photos from two of them. One is located an hour south of where we have our Swedish home and one is located an hour north of us.

Let’s start with the one north of us. Tjolöholm castle is located outside Kungsbacka, Sweden. A man called James Fredric Dickson started the build in 1898, but he died after cutting himself on the lead paper that was wrapped around the cork on a wine bottle. Not the best way to end a party… His wife finished the build and used it as a summer residence.

Swedish castles


tjolöholms slott

The second one is located in Ålabodarna one hour south of us and they call it Örenäs Castle. It was built in 1867 and has traded owners several times since. One of the most interesting times for this castle was during world war two when the Nazis tried to convince the owner to sell it to them. They wanted it as a place for recreation.

Örenäs slott



svenska slott