This is a post about nothing.

I have sort of started to meditate a little bit every once in a while. The point of meditation they say is to think of nothing. And that is really hard. But then I read something else that was pretty clever. They stated that it’s not the end of the world if you can’t think of nothing. They said that imagine just being able to reduce your thoughts by 50%. That should make us 50% more efficient with the thoughts we have left in our head. So, the less you are able to think of, the more focus what is left in there will get. If it’s a challenge or a question that needs answering, you might find it like this.


Does this sound like nonsense for you or what do you think?

In order for it to work well, find a quiet spot where no one will disturb you, sit comfortably and just let go for a while. Don’t set no time limit or anything, just sit and try to get rid of as many thoughts as possible.

And by the way, have you seen the interior of the new Audi A4. I bet that would be a pretty nice place to sit and meditate for a while! It’s looks even better than my A6…




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