Planning makes for success.

A good plan will help you make the most of the time and effort you put in to a project. As you get along there will always be things in your way that you hadn’t prepared for. When you hit theese walls, stop, think about the best sollution and make the necessary changes to your plan before moving on.

A plan is never defenite, but you should still follow it as best you can. The only thing that should make you abandon a plan is if a better one presents itself.

If done right this should help make you as effeicient as possible. If ignored there is a big chance that you waste all your energy and assets without reaching the results you were going for.

As I don’t have any better photo to go with this post, I will post one of my parents floor that is beeing renovated by my carpenters who are doing a great job following my plan which makes them efficient and great value!




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