A good place to be.

As I’m in real estate I am always interested in buying properties that will help grow my business. This summer in Sweden has been a bit tough thou. The market has pushed the prices pretty hard and I have had a lot of competition on all objects that I’ve put bids on. As I’m pretty sure that looking past issues and buying cheap makes for better results there isn’t always that much that rings my bell. Now thou. Four places at once! How nice is that?

I don’t know if the market is turning my way or I’m just seeing the results of my persistent work, but there are now four potentially really good buys available to me at the same time. This to me is excellent as it means I feel a bit more relaxed in all negotiations, knowing there are other sellers at my doorstep if we don’t come to an agreement.

So. 1 commercial place in town where I have a bid that they have not accepted yet. No higher bids available. 1 hotel that is a bit more risky but could be fun and also has a potentially very good cash flow if I do everything right, 1 neighbour who approached me and might want to sell his place (could be a perfect addition to my existing property at the location) and 1 piece of land where I can enhance the value dramatically if the monopoly office is in a good mood. All very interesting investments that could be great. My biggest problem is that I might want them all. That would require some pretty clever financing.

If you wonder how to find the best potential deals out there, look out for my next chapter that is to be released in the next few days!




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