A new Mercedes

Mercedes wants to take a bigger share of the luxury sports car market. In order to do so they will launch a new car called Mercedes-AMG GT. It’s actually pretty cool looking and has some things going for it, like it’s numbers. More than 500 HP, 3,9 seconds to 100 km/h and a top speed of 310 km/h. That makes it almost as fast as its predecessor SLS but they’re planning to sell it for less than half the price. Good stuff!


If the new Mercedes isn’t the right car for you, have a look at ebay and see if you can find something else. I know a Swiss guy bought a Ferrari Enzo back in 2004. He paid 1 million USD for a car that is now worth more than 3 times his initial investment.


Some other good Ebay investments include the old Hollywood sign that a local nightclub owner bought for 10 000 USD and later sold for 450 000.


And speaking of the Hollywood sign I heard there are some plans of building a hotel within the sign. If they go through with it the sign will look exactly the same from a distance but there will be room within all the letters. Pretty sick idea. The view from up there is more than spectacular!


Now. Back to the ebay deals. I have a favorite. This guy had an old beer called Samuel Allsopp’s Arctic Ale. It was a very old bottle of beer in perfect condition originally made for a polar expedition back in 1852. He decided to sell it on ebay and auctioned it out. Bidding was extremely slow and it took a while before someone bought it for 304 USD. Turned out he spelled the name of the brewery wrong so people hadn’t really found it. The new owner put the beer out for auction again, now with some more photos and proper spelling. Bidding stopped at 503 300 USD. Pretty sweet profit!