from The Supercar Kids

Ferrari 458 Jet Ski Tow – This matte black 458 Italia was pictured towing a matching jet ski in Miami. Would you have the heart to tow something behind your Ferrari?

Pagani Zonda McDonalds Run – Who knew this Pagani would be the perfect height for the counter at a Drive-Thru.

Audi R8 Ice Chest – It is always said that the R8 is a cool car but surely not cool enough to chill beer?

Rolls Royce Ghost Boat Edition – Although it’s a big car the Ghost definitely is no boat as this owner found out in Jakarta when he drove into a flood in his Rolls Royce.
Jakarta Floods Displace Thousands

Lamborghini Gallardo Sheep Herder – Well apparently sheep are not afraid of bulls. How does this even happen?

Lamborghini AFLOATador – It seems that Lamborghini owners have a knack of getting themselves into sticky situations and this one is no exception.

(all text and media is from TSK)