Banks act similar to bad girlfriends. As long as you are the coolest kid on the block and future looks bright, everything is well. When you are going through a rough period, they don’t fancy you very much anymore. If they want something from you, or want you for that matter, they are perfect. Yep. Banks are like bad goldigging girlfriends. And I like that for one very simple reason. It is all psychological. That means we can make them believe whatever we want :) Always present yourself as a successful superstar that they should be lucky to be in business with.

Build bank

The reason I came to think of the banks right now was an article I just read. The thing I said about girlfriends.. A big reason for our global collapse back in 2008 was something they called Subprime lending. Subprime loans are pretty much loans to people with poor credit scores. Before the crash, banks found these loans to people with poor credit score was very popular. After. Not so much.. Now, 7 years later, they decided that they like people with poor credit scores again and the subprime loans are up massively again. The only difference is that they now lend money so people with poor credit score can buy cars instead of real estate.. (even worse to a logical guy like me..)

But banks aren’t logical. They are like those girlfriends we talked about. Emotions and what ever trends and influences is what directs their behaviour. And again. It’s good. Good if we know it and learn to play the game.