Real Estate Water Views

Real Estate Water Views, is it worth it?

Real Estate Water Views

It tends to be a lot more expensive to buy properties with water views so I got to thinking. Is it worth the extra money or not? Turns out, it’s a question with a million answers.

In short, it depends. If you have the money and are buying a property for yourself, I would say it’s worth it. That is if you like being close to the ocean. I love it.

If you are investing for cash-flow, I think it can be worth it. Renters might pay a premium for the property and I bet there are circumstances where your return might actually be better even though you paid more. I would guess those occasions are rare though.

For developers of new real estate, I think the exclusivity will help push prices up more than the higher cost of land from the water. It would be similar to developing in or close to the centre of bigger cities. Limited space tends to push prices up and the developers who build at the most sought after locations have historically made the most money.

Below is a link to a video I made about a potential development on the water close to where I own rentals in Florida. Feel free to check it out.

End of Real Estate Water Views. Have a nice day!