First out of breath, then fixing it with wine.

If you saw the VLOG yesterday, I went to do some work on a foundation for a tiny house. For some reason I was completely out of breath when done. Not sure why, but I really don’t like doing manual labour when it isn’t about some of my own stuff. Fixing my RV is fine, changing a toilet in one of my own houses is fine, but being out doing work for others really hurts. I manage to do it less and less, but it’s hard. I think because of how I was brought up. In my dad’s family you are doing well when you put in long days of really hard physical work. That’s how I was raised. Today I know that my success comes from working with my head. As I can’t do manual labour and be in a good state of mind at the same time I know that one of them has to give. It’s just so hard!