yo yo

I’m in Béziers, France. On McDonalds.. I know! It sucks. I’m in France driving along the Mediterranean coast towards the riviera. A food and wine Mekka. And I stop at The Golden Goose??


To be honest. It’s because they have some pretty good coffee, clean toilets and super fast WiFi. Today though I decided to spice it up a bit and ordered a hamburger. As always after eating the stuff I feel like shit, so suppose it’s not quite for me.

As for the business of the donk. There is an anecdote I love.

A school class of young business men and women sat in a room. The professor asked the class how many of them thought they could make a better hamburger than McDonalds. 90 % of the students put up their hands. And so would I have done. Because I can make much better burgers.

The professor then asks all the young business people who thought they could make better hamburgers than McDonalds why they weren’t making profits of 9 billion dollars each year? Or had 440 000 people working for them with making and selling their fantastic burgers?

As no one had any answer it got silent. Very silent.

A few minutes later the professor concludes that “It’s all about distribution”. Getting the hamburgers put together as cheaply as possible and then have somewhere to sell them.

And so the class continues on with as classes usually do. End of story.

I like this professor and his way of getting the class’s attention. I like the anecdote.