The Corvette C7 is cool!

So much cooler than the older versions. I love the older Stingrays. Never cared much for the C4. Then came the C5 that is guest starring in the pictures below. Always kind of liked that one. The C6 with slightly sharper edges. Very nice. And now, the C7 that is really good looking! It isn’t a Ferrari, but it isn’t supposed to be. A Corvette is supposed to be a Corvette and I think the C7 is the best one so far!


ps. White is a C7 and Silver is a C5.



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  1. Eric

    OK car, much better than the previous ones.

    How is the house hunt going? I am also looking for my next investment since i’ve freed up a large amount from my latest transaction

  2. larsdyrendahl

    Eric! I agree. Much better!

    House hunt is going very well! Found a commersiall property I hope we are buying soon. We have agreed with the sellers so will have try to sign later next week if nothing comes up. Will let you know more soon! Thanks!

    Let me know how your search for new investments goes! Feel free to e-mail me anytime if you want to! It’s always super fun and interesting to get information about other ventures than my own!

    Take care!

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