Our Husbil (RV) is ready for business.

Husbil is the Swedish word for RV.

It’s one of the first Swedish words my beautiful American girlfriend learned. Our RV was one of the first things she saw when she got here.

I bough the Marcedes 4 hours north of my house for 12 000 SEK. Drove it home without any issues at all, then started grinding rust of the day after Rachels arrival. When done with that we foamed all major holes in the body, applied a ton of spackle then painted it gray.

After all the exterior work we built a big bed, Rachel is making new covers for the seats as I write this and I will have to get the water and gas working. Hopefully tomorrow. When that is done, we are good to go. So we will go :) On a short trip here in Sweden, just to make sure it’s all working.

Have a nice day!