Denmark x2

Today I’m taking my friend to the airport. This friend/ neighbour is a very wise man and my investor. It’s thanks to a loan from him I was able to buy the house in the ad below. I had to pay 1 550 000 and borrowed 400 000 from him. He gave me a fixed interest of 4% and I had to pay it off in 4 years. Tough but not tough enough to not be able to do it on the income from the house. Do you know anybody who could do something like this for you?


Tomorrow I’m headed in the same direction again. I have talked about him before, the real estate developer who is building hundreds of houses a year. He is the father of my friend and I get along great with him. He might be interested in buying a big multifamily house that relatives of mine are thinking about selling. As a step in that direction I arranged a lunch over there so they can meet and start discussing a potential deal. After that we’ll drop by one of his development sites outside Copenhagen. Should be two good days. I hope yours will be too!