Pictures of Italy and nice Quotes 6/6. And my 30th BIRTHDAY!! :)

Yep. Today is my 30th birthday and I had a goal for this specific day. The goal was to have at least 1 million USD in assets before my 30th birthday. What I meant was that I needed either an income of 100 000 USD or 1 000 000 USD in cash. I don’t have 1 000 000 USD in cash, but I do make enough money to call it a success and drink some champagne today. My Swedish real estate brings in about 70 000 USD a year. My American real estate brings in about 45 000 USD a year, but we are two owners, so 22 500 USD a year. I also have my business in Sweden that I have used to import and sell stuff, do work for others, run carpenters, etc. It brings in about 15 000 USD a year. Then this homepage. Last year I sold real estate related documents about how I did my deals for just over 4 000 USD. If we total it all up, the number surpasses 100 000 USD by far! I make 111 500 USD a year!! Then there is tax, I owe that bank a bit of money and so on, but let’s not care about that. I had nothing at all 6 years ago, and today this! I can not tell you how blessed and happy I feel about where I am in life. I have loved almost every second on my way here and I think it’s just amazing in every way!!

New goals! I want to have assets of USD 5 million or more within 5 years. I also want 500 000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. So time to get to work!

And I can’t thank all of you enough! I love hearing from you and I love knowing there are people like me out there. You guys are the best!!

Now, on to the final quote:

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” –Jim Rohn



Like Jim Rohn says. It’s time for you to go do your own thing. It has been a lot of work for me so far, but the rewards are so huge that I cannot tell you how much I think it’s worth it!