The day before monday.

The way I live my life makes weekends a bit excessive. I don’t really need them as I have so much quality time baked into my average day. There are seven days a week that all provides me with great joy because I usually manage to get stimulated both mentally and physically through some business, walks and exercise. If anything weekends are even less joyful days than the other as I face more challenges when I want to get my business of the day done. People aren’t in their offices, some shops are closed etc.

Hm. Reading what I wrote above and just seeing a friend off to church, got me thinking how grateful the life I have put together for myself. I read somewhere that it’s really important to be grateful about what you like or love in your life. It helps you feel good about it. As it’s said to be good, I’ll list a few things I’m really grateful for below. 5 things. You should do this too!

1. My family and friends. I love them and spending time together is always super nice. I think it’s the way we almost always make each other happy through a lot of humor etc.

2. My integrity. I have a pretty strong persona that I like. I feel very comfortable with who I am, I feel certain about my values and I suppose this makes for a good confidence that I’m very happy to have.

3. My passion for business. It makes me want to be good and try hard. These things make for pretty good results. It’s taken me to a personal economy that allows me to work just as much or as little as I want, but still be able to live with great comfort.

4. My ability to enjoy “the now”. I know it’s super easy to get stuck pursuing dreams and goals to an extent that makes it almost impossible to stop and enjoy a current situation. I think I’m pretty good at slowing down and enjoying the moment when, I find myself doing something enjoyable.

5. My thinking and dreaming. I suppose this is hard to explain, but I think it’s about imagination. I find it very easy to visualize the results I want and seeing future plans in advance. This ability helps me feel fantastic and gain a certainty that whatever I get excited about dreaming of and visualizing is also something I can achieve.



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