Today is Saturday, but also midsummers day. That means a holiday in Sweden so our local bakery is closed and I’m stuck without my favourite croissant. Bummer.. Suppose I’ll have to drive into town later and get it on a gas station or something…

Tons of festivities all weekend that I have largely neglected. Don’t know why, but haven’t really been feeling like going out and getting drunk. Super motivated to work on my career and health at the moment, so suppose that takes me in another direction, away from the parties and stuff.

I have a very clear self image and idea of where I want to be within a near future. Being too drunk, flirting with 20 year olds in my old hometown is pretty much the opposite of where I’m heading so guess it’s good that I’m feeling and doing what I’m am. 

Super pumped about this surge of energy. Feels great. The only thing really bothering me at the moment is my hair. It’s time to cut it, just not sure how. Have a look at the images below and let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas on a proper hair style.. :)

kolllage (kopia)

ps. very inspired by Kissie when writing this blogpost!(the image) :) I like her gossipy style.



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