DMV = Why socialism sucks..

So I’m in California. When you buy a vehicle here you have to transfer ownership. That can only be done by visiting a DMV (department of motor vehicles) office. They look like this:


There you spend an hour to get to the front desk where they ask what you want, you piece of shit you? You tell them when you want to register a change in ownership they and give you a number and tell you to sit down and wait..


Another hour goes by. And then another hour.. and then, before you know it (being ironic) it’s your turn. Some rude bastard tells you that you f handwriting sucks and that they are being very kind to you because you have made a million mistakes when filling out the paperwork. They then ask you to give the to much money before sending you off to see another person who can give you the right stamp. And then. Then you’re done. And when you deal with the DMV, this is what you do:


You celebrate!

Ps. This was so kind and easy version of a visit to that place. Last year I bought a vintage British sportscar with custom numberplates.. took me 7 hours to get the DMV business solved..

Now. The DMV is a perfect way of showing how poor things get when you leave governments to run things. No one takes any responsibility. No one cares about efficiency. No one cares about the experience for people using the service. It’s just rubbish.

When people in California ask me what a Socialistic government is like I just tell them something like this:

Imagine having DMV running the whole country. That is never going to work for any society that wants to thrive in this global market eceoomy we are in (like it or not).

Long live liberalism. A government should be there to keep peace within its people and then leave the individuals to work on creating better circumstances for him and the people around him. You copy, Stefan Löfven?