Monday morning.

Love it! I try to get up at 8 a.m. pretty much every day. My experience is that I get more energy if I stick to 7-8 hours of sleep. I usually spend the first few hours every day on my computer looking at potential business, answering some e-mails, educating myself and writing something here on the blog. So why am I happy about it being Monday? Well. I love my life in business and there is always more business going on during the weekdays which results in me being more productive. Today I’m going to start evaluating my possibilities of buying a small hotel in southern Sweden. Not sure it’s great for me, but it might be about time I step it up a bit. It’s like in monopoly. 4 green houses = 1 red hotel. I’m already past 4 green houses so about time I get myself a hotel :)




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  1. Michael Fuschs

    I found your site today and I like it very much. Your videos are inspirational. Thank you Lars!

  2. larsdyrendahl

    Thank you Michael! Very kind of you to comment. And welcome.

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