Another offer.

I was hoping for some response before the weekend, but nothing. I don’t think I mind though. It’s always fun when you have offers out there. Or at least serious offers. I probably have 10 not so serious offers at different objects just because I wanted to leave something out there to reconnect on. As you know WE ALWAYS WANT TO LEAVE AN OFFER ON THE TABLE. Having a serious offer out there, waiting for a response or at least a counter offer keeps me feeling alive :) It’s nice.


This property is an old commercial building in the dead centre of a city close to my house. Return on investment would end up at just above 10%, which is great for something so central. It’s an old place that has its problems, but I’m in a good situation to solve them, so it should all work out just fine! But. No news on that front until Monday.. You all have a good day now!



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  1. Regina

    Haha, nice picture!

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