A Real Estate investor on IKEA??

Shoud we shop there? A Real Estate Investor on IKEA?

I guess we should. More so in Europe than in America. IKEA looks to be at least 20% more expensive in the USA. Most of its American competitors provide better value. Mirrors, vanities, faucets, cabinets and countertops are really good value in Europe, but gets too expensive here. That’s why I had to return these things:

real estate investor on IKEA

ikea investor

That said, IKEA is considered more fashionable here. It’s more classy :) If you want to create a more fancy and modern look, IKEA is a great way to do so. That means a real estate investor on IKEA isn’t all bad.

Ikea pillow

Then there is the whole assembly you self thing. It has both pros and cons. It makes transportation a lot easier. It is also very clever and provides you with everything you need to complete the installation. The competitors don’t. I have bought a ton of stuff from places like Home Depot and every time, I have had to run back and forth three to four times before I had everything I needed to finish the project. That is not the case with IKEA. The only major con of having to assemble everything yourself is the time it takes.

And about the assembly. I always tend to end up thinking, I got this, then start proceeding without the manual, only to find that I forgot something or messed up. I then have to start over with a bit more frustration. Don’t ask me why, but I keep on making this same mistake over and over again…

My conclusion is YES. You can be a real estate investor on IKEA and do well with it. If you are in Europe, it’s good value. If you are in America it provides a fancy appreciated look that sells well without costing a fortune.

IKEA is also a great ambassador of Sweden, even though I couldn’t find a Semla there. Read more about that HERE.