Entrepreneur dress code

What is a proper Entrepreneur Dress Code?

I don’t think there is one? If you are an entrepreneur, you are a unique person doing your own thing. That means you can dress however you want. There is no dress code for entrepreneurs.

So what am I wearing? Well.. What ever I feel comfortable in. My problem is that my business also makes me an investor. I think there might be a dress code for investors. I think the investor dress code is more strict. Suits, shirts, etc. I only wear that kind of stuff for special occasions though. For bank meetings and what now, I’ll dress as comfortable as always..

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All in all, I can’t help you with your clothing. I usually have enough trouble keeping myself dressed decently. What I do know is that you will most likely be better off dressing comfortably as that helps make you feel more confident. Confidence is useful in business!