Finding your drive.

For some reason focusing on the right thing can be pretty hard. I constantly find myself putting all of my energy and effort into stuff that doesn’t really take me where I want to go while putting of tasks that I sort of have to do in order to evolve.

An example can be how I decided to fix my lawnmower on my own a week ago. I’m not a good mechanic so took me a long time to take it apart. As I did, I also managed to destroy a few perfectly good parts. In the end I had spent the whole day and a lot more money than necessary to get it going again. The extra parts I had to get after being reckless would have paid a proper mechanics fee on its own. And more importantly! If I would have spent the time doing something I’m good at, I would have been further ahead with my career, I would have been feeling better and I would have been richer :)

Being able to focus on the thing will make you happier and more satisfied. We all have some sort of goals, somewhere our dream of going etc. Taking action to bring you closer to those goals will make you feel a lot better. Doing something that doesn’t help you get closer to your goals has the opposite effect.

Another example. There has been times when I’ve had tough periods without any mojo or energy. Times when life sucks more or less. I know by fact that reading inspirational books are the single most effective way to get back on track. The weird thing is that when I’m in a state where a ride like that would have the biggest positive effect, I keep pushing that read off into the future. It’s as if I wanted to be miserable. Something I definitely don’t want to be.

I have gotten a lot better and rarely have any major down periods now, days after learning to keep happy and motivated by focusing on what needs to be done in order for me to get where I want. But. If you are ever in a poor state, find what makes you happy, give it a go and see if it makes life a little bit better. You don’t have to do more than walk 2 kilometers, lift a 2 kilo weight in the gym or read the first page in that inspirational book.

Ps. There is this really cool guy who I know has a look at this blog every once in a while. When he sent me a message to congratulate me on my birthday I got some indications that he has had a rough year. As I know how I get when times are tough, even though my tough times are nothing like what you (if you’re reading this) have been through I really want you to take the kind of action mentioned above. Ok? You’re a champ!



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  1. Johan

    Hej Lars, vad har hänt med de olika fastigheterna du har budat på i sistone….? Vi saknar en status på vad som händer här :-) // Johan

  2. larsdyrendahl

    Hej Johan! Sorry, där är färsk info på väg. Jag har två aktiva bud ute av ganska olika karaktär. Jag återkommer nästa vecka med lite uppdateringar på hur det går. Kul att höra från dig. Hoppas du får helfin helg!

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